About Us

Nirvana Resort Koh Chang is an incredible, magical place designed to surpass its name. Created with lovers of natural beauty, comfort and service in mind. Nirvana is the special getaway for anybody who is yearning for peace, tranquillity and comfort. Famous for its positioning, Nirvana Resort is one of the most beautiful, unspoilt resorts on Koh Chang offering views of both sunrise and sunset. Our stunning rock walk offers stunning views with total privacy. In 2013 we were proudly awarded a “Certificate of Excellence” award from Trip Adviser, for quality of service.

The Owners of Nirvana Resort Koh Chang have worked tirelessly creating the resort to be unlike any other. Not one palm tree was cut down, in fact more than 2000 new trees and plants were planted. The end result being lush, green gardens, carefully positioned tropical plants with the ambience of nature and total freedom.

After undergoing an extensive refurbishment a few years ago, Nirvana Resort now welcomes guests with newly designed rooms and updated amenities, enhanced by lush tropical plantation, breezy atmosphere and outstanding views. Nirvana Resort is perfect for unparallel relaxation. Nirvana is one of the true eco-friendly resorts on the Island offering an amazing contrast of both Sunrise and Sunsets. Nirvana resort’s calm interiors blend harmoniously with nature and the outdoors.

Nirvana Resorts central location ensures convenient access to all facilities in Koh Chang. We can arrange many nature-inspired activities, like mountain trekking, bird watching, elephant rides, and cycling. Nirvana Resort is a privately owned family run business.